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What makes Jack & Eddie's premium pork sausages so exquisitely delicious?

Well, Jack isn't about to reveal the secret family recipe. Neither is Eddie. And Mum? She's keeping mum. But it has something to do with a luxuriously high meat content (80%) and a delicate combination of seasonings that just ... works. It's a recipe that goes back ... well, they won't say how far, but Jack & Eddie work on a farm that's been in the family for five generations.

Fry them for breakfast, pop them in a bun for lunch, serve them up with a bit of mash and veg for dinner, or slice and sauté for an extra-special pasta sauce, stir-fry or curry - these plump little beauties will make any meal exquisite.

Our rashers are sea salt dry cured and ideally best fried in sunflower or olive oil. Some people prefer to grill but we don't agree for a dry cure rasher as they come out too dry.

Black & White Puddings
New or Old? Well, the recipes are old but we have just started selling our newly packaged puddings. The puddings are medium coarse with a mild seasoning since we prefer the background flavour of the puddings instead of them being too spicy.

Here are some other local food producer's that we love;

If you want the perfect bacon sandwich try
Cherry Blossom Bakery breads with Cuinneog butter and Jack & Eddie's sausages.

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